FOR ORDERS, PLEASE CALL: 0114 268 3033

Welcome to Design Studio Balloons!

We are specialists in Balloon arrangement and have over thirty five years experience working in the field.

The most important factor when considering balloons for an event is lifespan.

Latex balloons have a typical maximum float time of 20 hours.

  This means that they need to be inflated on the day of your event, and for best results as close in time to the event start as possible. We can extend the lifespan of latex balloons by 3 to 5 days by injecting them with a product called Hi-Float. This comes at no extra cost but allows greater flexibility if you need to store balloons overnight or cannot collect them on the day of the event.

All our latex balloons are Qualatex brand and are 11 inch diameter at a cost of £1.50 each and are all treated with Hi-Float as standard.

Foil Balloons are metallic foil balloons which offer a greater lifespan of 4+ weeks; customers regularly give us amazing feedback on the lifespan.

   Foil balloons start at £4.00 each. Other popular foil balloons are our Personalised Balloons at £7.50 each (click here for more information) and Super Shape number balloons at £13.50 each.

We also have the option of a classic bouquet at £15.00 each. These include 1x personalised foil balloon and 4x latex balloons.

We specialize in helium filled balloons and all of our prices are inclusive of helium. We are also happy to fill balloons bought elsewhere and offer competitive prices on helium. We do not however offer helium canisters for rental nor do we recommend disposable canisters.

We offer a delivery and arrangement service for orders over £50.00 in value, or in close proximity to our store (prices start from £15).

For more information, or if you would like to order balloons, please call us on 0114 268 3033. Or come visit us in store!


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