How long will my balloons last?

We always ask you when your balloons are for, as the first question to ensure you won’t be left with balloons that don’t last long enough.

Latex balloons last for approximately 20 hours after inflation. After this they will be shrunken and on the floor. Foil balloons last for 4 to 6 weeks and often much longer.

If you need latex balloons for an event the next day we can treat them to make them last longer (4 or 5 days) by injecting them with a water soluble plastic gel called Hi-Float. This is no extra charge per balloon.

How much notice do I need to give for an order?

For larger events and delivery we require an advanced booking, and appreciate a week’s notice. We do however cater for last minute events and will do our best to cater to your needs. For smaller orders we can serve you on the spot, this includes our personalised balloons. Most customers who have used us before tend to pop in or call a few days ahead of their event for consultation or just turn up. Be aware that during busy periods such as Friday and Saturdays you should expect a short wait so ordering ahead is advised.

How long does it take to personalise balloons?

Our personalised balloons take a matter of minutes to blow up and write on. The glue that we use dries almost instantly, so as soon as they are done they are fine to take with you. The process itself takes a couple of minutes maximum per balloon, but other factors may play a part such as how busy we are. You may have to wait in line if we are busy, and all orders are first come first served.

What if my balloons burst or go down?

Wherever possible we inflate any foil balloons ahead of an event, E.g we will inflate foil balloons the day before. The reason for this is that foil balloons are not test inflated by the manufacturer and in the rare event of a defective balloon, we can fix the problem by replacing the item before the order is collected. Wherever defects arise will endeavour to replace any faults.

We often have customers return balloons to us which have been damaged either in transit or in situ by user error and neglect and if this is deemed to be the case we will charge you for replacements.

All customers are briefed when leaving our premises on how to handle bagged balloons and despite this we often have to replace burst balloons due to people not taking correct care of them. They are fragile and needed to be handled much like a box of eggs in a shopping bag.

Will my balloons come with weights?

We offer two types of balloon weight. The first type is a small plastic weight designed to hold down a single foil balloon. These are complimentary and do their job perfectly well. Latex balloons have a greater buoyancy than foils so these free weights are of no use for anything other than a single foil balloon. For bunches of latex or mixed types of balloons or for larger foil balloons we offer decorative star shaped weights in a number of colours, these are an exact match for our balloons and look great on tables. These weights cost £1.50 each and can be re-used again and again.

Will my balloons not get tangled?

However your balloons are arranged we will always put them in plastic bags to protect them from puncture, rain and getting tangled up with other bunches. They will always be protected as much as possible. When you collect multiple bouquets of balloons the main issue is different bunches becoming inter-tangled. This will not happen as they will all be in their own bags.

Can I leave balloons in a car overnight?

It is perfectly safe to store balloons in a car overnight. As long as there is nothing which can slash or pierce the balloons they will be absolutely fine. It will have no effect on the longevity of the balloons either.

What about hot and cold, how does that affect balloons?

The important thing to remember is that our balloons are inflated at room temperature. Let’s say for sake of argument that this is 22 degrees. Helium, being a gas, will contract in the cold, and expand under heat. This means that balloons can pop in extreme heat, and also can look deflated in the cold.

In winter our foil balloons will look saggy when you take them outside, but then will ‘puff out’ and look normal again at room temperature. Latex balloons are elastic so this effect is not noticeable, the rubber shrinks as the gas contracts so they will appear smaller but not saggy or wrinkly.

In summer, we make an effort to under-inflate balloons so they can withstand an increase in temperature both outside, in transit, and at their final destination. If you leave balloons in a hot car in the summer they can burst, the same applies to a conservatory or greenhouse. In winter, leaving them against a radiator or space heater can do the same.

Can you deliver balloons to my party or home?

We offer delivery and arrangement of balloons for occasions, be it at a home, restaurant or other venue. We are happy to deliver balloons to venues nearby such as restaurants on Ecclesall Road and do so for no extra charge. For further afield we may be able to offer delivery for a fee, subject to staff availability and other factors.

Will you blow up balloons that I’ve bought online or elsewhere?

We are happy to inflate balloons that have not been bought from us, we can’t stock everything and are happy to just charge you for helium. The cost of this varies based on the type of balloon.

Do you rent out helium in canisters?

We do not rent out helium in canisters. We believe that balloons should be done properly by professionals and we often have customers order the wrong type of balloons online and them have to pay again to have us fix their problems.

It very often ends up costing the customer more than having the balloons done by an expert in the first place. If you buy latex balloons online they may only last 4 hours due to poor quality rubber, and sometimes they are too small to even float.

Specialist valves are needed for regulating the pressure for inflating foil balloons and it takes skill to make balloons look good. Trust us when we say leave it to us.

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