Personalised Balloons

Our Personalised balloons are our best-selling product and are quickly becoming famous in Sheffield.


Regular size (18 inch) are £7.50 each


We offer two shapes:




Our personalised balloons are available in the following colours:

Rose Gold, Gold, Green, Purple, Red, Silver, Ivory,

Blue, Black, Pink, Baby Pink, Baby Blue

We do sometimes stock additional colours, these can vary by shape.

Please call 0114 268 3033 for more information.


We are happy to write any message on personalised balloons: we do not censor content and all our balloons are hand written. Extra embellishments such as outlined text will cost extra. For best effect we suggest you keep the wording as concise as possible. e.g.

‘Happy Birthday David’ on one side and ‘Thirty’ on the reverse.

This will read better than ‘Happy 30th Birthday David’ on one side.

Balloons have 2 face sides but neither is the front as they will spin on the string, so it is best to think of them like a record with an A-side and a B-side.

We have found from experience that using numbers in word format i.e ‘Twenty One’ produces a better result than numerals like ’21’, but the choice is yours.

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